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Au nom des martyrs

Written and directed by Charlie DUPLAN and Thomas LOUBIÈRE 

Documentary • Work in progress

AU NOM DES MARTYRS_Les Films de l’œil sauvage_Charlie Duplan-Thomas Loubière.jpg


Saad, an Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga, was killed fighting Daech at the age of 24. That was five years ago, but Khassro, his brother, is still grieving. For him, his brother died for nothing. For his father, on the other hand, Saad died a martyr's death. By giving a voice to Khassro and Saad's relatives, the film questions the reality of the Kurdish myth today.

Produced by
Les Films de l’œil sauvage (France)

With the participation of




With the support of

CNC - Fonds de Soutien Audiovisuel

Région Sud

Région Nouvelle Aquitaine

Région Ile-de-France


La SCAM - Brouillon d'un rêve

Département de Charente Maritime

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