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Grandma and Le Corbusier

Written and directed by Marjolaine NORMIER 

Documentary • 58 mn • 2017 

BONNE MAMAN ET LE CORBUSIER_Les Films de l’œil sauvage_Marjolaine Normier.jpg


The precise indications of measurements, the sure selection of colors, the millimetric search of the functions of space and of the furniture, in short all the vademecum of the habitability of Le Corbusier, useful to the grandma of the director, dealing with the reconstruction of her apartment in the aftermath of a fire. Where? In the Unité d’Habitation, of Marseilles. One of the most studied and most visited modernist condominiums of the history of architecture, and for sure one of the most known and discussed. The friendly old lady meets with the equipe of experts and the troupe to redraw the sixty years that she lived there, weaving her daily life and memories with the visionary standard of a persistent architect of the past

Produced by
Les Films de l’œil sauvage (France)

In coproduction with

Tita Productions (France)

Télé Paese (France)

Le Fresnoy-Studio National (France)

With the support of

CNC – Fonds de Soutien Audiovisuel

Région Sud


La SCAM - Bourse Brouillon d'un Rêve

Mission du patrimoine DAPA

International sales

Tangente Distribution

Festivals and awards

Festival International du Film sur l’Art de Montréal

Image de ville

Rotterdam Architecture Film Festival

Winnipeg Architecture Festival

Copenhagen Architecture Festival

Territoires en Image

Festival Après Varan

Seoul International Architecture Film Festival

Milano Design Film Festival

Festival Ecrans Urbains - Architectural Film Award

Festival Close Up

Les journées du patrimoine de Vitrolles

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