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En Dehors

Written and directed by Grégory LASSALLE 

Documentary • 72 mn • 2021 

EN DEHORS_Les Films de l’œil sauvage_Grégory Lassalle.jpg


A member of the organized crime syndicate, a prisoner in solitary confinement for ten years, but also a doctoral student in history, R. is free after 25 years in prison. This film takes an intimate look at the first years of freedom for a long-sentenced prisoner, a man in search of himself, struggling with his duality and the ever-present temptation to re-offend.

Produced by
Les Films de l’œil sauvage (France)

In coproduction with

Vià93 (France)

With the support of

Région Sud

Région Occitanie

CNC – Fonds de Soutien Audiovisuel


International sales

Les Films de l'œil sauvage


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